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Quilters are strong, courageous people who quilt for the joy of it. Many of us use quilts to help in our corner of the world. Imagine my head shaking when the emails came in asking if I think the current world situation meant the end of quilting?

Several of you have questioned me lately about my take on starting quilt projects, or even finishing current ones based on the world chaos we are experiencing.

Fear is not a positive in your life

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May I suggest that fear can accomplish a lot if you allow it to make you respond in a positive way. On the other hand, if you allow it to stop you from doing something good. Or you just hide away “in your bunker”, then that hurts you most of all.

Turn off your TVs. Get off YouTube, or social media. If watching or listening to the news and current events causes you to fear, then please stop participating in those.

Believe me, I understand that we should all be aware of what is going on in the world around us. However, the fear I heard in some of those messages made me want to reach out and shake some of you.

Personally, I am so sick of politicians, COVID, mandates, small businesses closing, inflation, crime, and other assorted issues that I could feel overwhelmed with daily. Then I remember that each of us has quilts planned, people to help, and a very short life to live.

There are very scary things going on. For your own sake, don’t let the fearmongers win. Find positive things or events around you every day. Make good things happen – even in small things.

I collect books about, authored by, or illustrated by Tasha Tudor. One of her sayings that I love is that “joy comes in the small things”. Look around you. See the world for the beauty that it holds. Concentrate on the small things.

Choose Joy
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Here are some small things that helped me thru last week:

  • The daffodils are starting to peak out for spring
  • Watching a toddler play
  • The squirrel hanging upside down on the birdfeeder
  • Co-workers’ kind comments and good wishes
  • An old movie that made me laugh
  • Finding a wonderful local used bookstore
  • The smile of a stranger
  • Being blessed by God in a totally unexpected way
  • Geese flying overhead
  • Hawks hunting in the field close by
  • The mystery quilt blocks finally going together correctly
  • Holding the door open for an elderly woman
  • Finding a fabric that I had been looking for in my stash
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The end of Quilting?

Quilting should bring happiness to your life. Allow yourself to get lost in the process and just enjoy it.

It is past time for fear to stop so many of people from living. Life is short. Quilters are quilters because we love the texture, the colors, the joy quilts bring to our lives.

Some quilters make a living from a part of the handcraft. Others budget carefully just for one piece of desired fabric. Some quilters have no financial issues and spend wildly on whatever gadget or fabric they want.

Many quilters use quilts as a way to help others around them through donations to organizations. Other quilters demonstrate love through the quilts they use as gifts within their own families.

Does it matter really how quilts and quilting enhance our lives?? No.

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Rise up and quilt

The point is that fear will stop us dead in our tracks if we let it. Don’t let it. Stop allowing the negative world around us make us negative. Each of us chooses to do good and be happy.

Get the unfinished quilt project out that you have stashed away. Work on it today. Finish it this year.

Make a list of three or four quilt projects to finish this year. Then work on those until they are complete.

Start a new quilt. Find the perfect pattern. Go get the fabric for it and start the process of making that quilt.

Quilting brings joy – something all of us need in our lives.

Fear is the total opposite of joy. Think how our world would benefit from more joyful people.

The end of quilting?? Not if each of us picks up our needles, uses our rotary cutters, and the beautiful fabrics we have stashed away. Persist in doing what brings us joy and improves our small corner of the world.

Any day spent sewing...
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2 thoughts on “THE END OF QUILTING?

  1. Thank u so much for reminding me what is important in my own life. I have gotten bogged down in all the depressing news about the economy and the likely war. I have ignored my newest quilt project instead. As of today, it is time to go back to quilting.

    1. Hi Ells,

      It is so easy to get “bogged down” in the bad news swirling around us. Quilt and live life. Enjoy the world around you and doing good for others. If we stay busy with projects and helping others there is little time to pay attention to the bad going on. Live life and happy quilting.

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