The Mystery Quilt Continues

The Mystery Quilt Continues

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I decided to do the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter put out on her blog during late November 2020. My goal was to complete each part as the directions came out every week. Real life put out some bumps and I am behind, so the mystery quilt continues….

If you missed my previous post on this mystery quilt, please go here. In that post, I showed photos as I completed making parts 1 – 6.

Note: once the reveal of the quilt is over, Bonnie will convert the free pattern to a pattern she has for sale on her website. Please visit her here.

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And the mystery quilt continues…..

Now I am in part 7 which is putting the components from the previous parts into blocks and sashing to complete the top for making the Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt.

The Main Blocks:

The first step in this part was making these Ohio Star blocks to be the center of the main blocks.

Ohio Stars for the center of the mystery quilt blocks.

Then adding the triangle components to the sides.

Adding triangle components to sides.

The center block is complete. There is still the sashing and secondary blocks to make from the parts.

Main blocks of mystery quilt.

The sashing:

Sewing the gray strips together to make the sashing was easy but to me the most time-consuming part of the entire process. For part 7 the red rectangles were added to each long end.

Sashing for mystery quilt blocks.

The final components to put together are the remaining flying geese blocks, HST, and red rectangles into a secondary block. This is where I am as of this morning – still needing to add the yellow and gray HST:

A section of part 7.

When I committed to doing this mystery quilt, I involved another quilter who had never done anything by Bonnie Hunter or a mystery quilt. She was not sure about it but was willing. Her top has been completed for 3 weeks because she had way too much fun using scraps and piecing an unknown design.

That being said, for those of us who get bogged down in a design, someone else just flies through it and is done. Usually, other quilters say that I am the one flying through the piecing of a quilt top – not this time.

So….just keep at your project, enjoy, and complete. I have not given up or allowed myself to work on another quilt top. This one will not be a UFO.

Update 01/09/2023: To see my completed Grassy Creek mystery quilt, please go here.

Source: Bing clip art


12 thoughts on “The Mystery Quilt Continues

  1. I love mystery quilts. Thank you for including the links to this design so I can do it myself. I will change the colors though to purple, red, and gray. Have fun quilting.

  2. I like this quilt blog very much, thank you for sharing your ideas. I am new to quilting and have subscribed to this blog because there is so much here. You make quilting look easy.

    I have been looking at mystery quilts on the web and there are tons of designs. I am not confident that I could do the one here but a simple mystery quilt would be fun. Do you have any suggestions for a mystery quilt that a beginner could do?

    1. This one sure has taken me longer than I planned to. Oh well, it is not a race. And yes, it has been fun.

  3. I am not a mystery quilt person because I like to see what the finished product look like. However, this quilt does look interesting. Can’t wait to see the finished top when you put the photo up.

    1. I am hoping to get started putting the blocks and sashing together today. This project has taken longer than I anticipated. Partly due to work, and partly due to personal issues that keep interrupting. Oh well, steady is how this quilt will get done. It sure hasn’t been fast. I am sure liking the colors and how the pieces look so that is encouraging.

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