The Same But Different

I made a batch of scrap nine patch blocks while on vacation this year. Instead of one quilt, I decided to make two the same but different.

100 Nine Patch blocks of scraps

One of the great things about quilting is that changes can be made. Those changes can be done even after the sewing has started.

This stack of nine patch blocks finished at 7.5 inches.

The alternate blocks are done from a soft looking small floral print on white background.

The Same But Different
alternate blocks

I love chain sewing and utilized it as I sewed the nine patch blocks to the alternate blocks. The pairs flew through the machine.

Then I realized that there was not enough alternate fabric to do a queen size quilt. Um, now what?

Well, Christmas will be here soon. Why not make two smaller quilts for two special people in my life? They will be the same but different.

Quilt #1

So I sewed together 6 rows by 10 blocks.

I added an inside border of 4″ wide purple and pink fabrics. One inside border fabric is a pink and purple batik. The other two involve cute ladybugs. The outside border is 6″ wide and is a “Snoopy” theme. These border fabrics were picked out by the gr-daughter who will be receiving the quilt.

Borders of quilt #1

The completed top took an afternoon to put together. It is 58″ x 78″. I was able to get it to and back from the machine quilter (RLM) in three days. The plan is for the quilt to be self-bound, but it is not bound yet.

The Same But Different

Quilt #2

The second top is a lap quilt for my mom-in-law. She supplied a few of the scraps and the alternate block fabric in the box of fabric she sent me this past summer.

Using more of the scrap nine patch blocks that are 7.5″.

Nine Patch blocks

This top is 6 rows x 8 rows. The inside border is a 2″ pale green solid. And the outside border is a sunflower fabric cut 4″ wide.

Borders of quilt #2

The finished top is 52″ x 64″. It is currently at the machine quilters’ studio, but not quilted yet. I will self-bind it too.

Quilt for mom-in-law

Easy and fun

Nine patch blocks can be planned and coordinated. Or scrap. The squares cut be any size that you want. Mine were 3″ square for these two quilts.

These blocks can be used for the entire top, or only as a portion of the top. They are easy to make and fun to use.

These two nine patch tops are the same but different.

The Same But Different

Have fun making your own Nine Patch Quilt. Enjoy the journey.

Happy quilting.


Any Day Spent Sewing is a Good Day
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  1. You are inspiring me to use my stash, and just have fun making quilts.

    I used to think all my quilts had to be some sort of heirloom. Thanks to you I realize that there is room for all kinds of quilts. Those precious hand quilted master pieces – all the way to the quilts that are pretty but intended to be used (and loved) to death. All are wonderful and fill a place of peace in my life.

    Thank you so very much. You are truly an inspiration to this quilter.

    1. Readers like you encourage me to keep blogging about my quilts. Thanks for your kind words. Keep on quilting and enjoy the journey.

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