Triangle Charm Quilt displayed outside.

TRIANGLE CHARM QUILT – So my quilting buddy (SB) and I had the brilliant idea to do some charm quilts using the same fabric packs, but we did different patterns or ways to put the charm pieces together. I simply took my 5″ squares and made half square triangles from them. I added enough “charm” pieces from my own stash to make the top big enough to suit me.

The green sashing and brown posts were out of my stash. I just wanted someplace for my eyes to rest and all those triangles were busy.

I pieced the Triangle Charm Quilt top during March to May 2002. It was fun, and it was fun to work with some different fabrics I would not have bought otherwise.

Clip art - triangles

I kept track of the charms by keeping the fabrics in baggies by main color. Since the point of “charm quilts” is to only have one piece of each fabric in a quilt you will want to find a way to know what fabrics you have already used.

The definition I found for charm quilts “…when quilters make a charm quilt, no fabric is used more than one time in the quilt“.

This was machine quilted in May or June 2002 by RLM.

Finished size is 83″ x 82″.

Other charm quilts:

I encourage you to do one charm quilt in your quilting journey. They can be as simple or complicated as you want, but it is a good excuse to use fabrics you would not normally use.

Clip art - triangles


  1. Cool, cool quilt blog! So wonderful to discover someone with unique thoughts on quilts and quilting. Thanks for sharing. This site is something that’s needed on the web – some originality! I love that you work from scraps and your stash – not promoting for some big-name quilt or fabric designer. It is obvious you think for yourself and enjoy the process of quilt making. Bet you are an independent soul in other areas of your life too. This blog has to be hours of work every week, but please keep sharing. This long-time quilter finds this blog refreshing and full of new ideas.

    1. Getting comments like this encourages me to keep blogging about my quilts. Quilting is my “happy place” and I find myself enjoying it more and more as the world around me gets more chaotic. My goal is to monetize this blog, but as of yet I am learning and enjoying the process. Yes, it does take time from my actual quilting, but readers seem to enjoy the blog and ideas which is such an encouragement to me. Take some ideas from here and run with them in your own quilts. Happy quilting.

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