Tribute to my mom-in-law.
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I want to pay tribute to a fantastic woman who recently died. We all need encouragers in our lives, and she was marvelous at being one. She was a wonderful woman in her own right, and I am so thankful she was part of my life. Her obit talks so much about her life, but they also leave so much out. I would like to take a few minutes to do a tribute to my mom-in-law—from myself as a quilter.

R. was very talented and creative. She loved to paint landscapes of the beautiful scenery around her. Her sewing skills were used to make lovely dresses for her daughters all through school. She was a fantastic cook. The adventurous spirit she had allowed her to travel and enjoy different foods and experiences.

Tribute to my mom-in-law
Source: Bing clip art

She usually saw the good in people and events.

R. and my mom worked together at the same retail establishment, so I knew her long before we were family. Even then, I enjoyed her cheerful attitude and love for her family. She was busy in the community and still found time to create. R. built a safe and secure “nest” for her family.

This wonderful lady helped me pick fabrics for Home Economics projects. Even then, her color choices were bright and totally different than what I would have chosen. The projects were fun thanks to her gentle suggestions.


While not a quilter herself, she made time and effort to encourage my quilting. Her sewing skills were a big help to me when I needed help with patterns or changing sizes of quilt pieces. Her color suggestions were bright and funky – and not always what I was looking for in my quilts.

The point is, that her sense of humor and gentle suggestions will be greatly missed by this quilter, and daughter-in-law. She was a wonderful woman, and I am so glad she was part of my life.

R. loved my quilts and was always happy and grateful to get them as gifts. Making quilts for her was so much fun.

Her gifts to me were always fabrics that she bought locally or on her travels. Some of them made me laugh, others were fun to use in quilts, and there were a rare few that I just shook my head. One year she bought me 50 one-yard pieces of fabric for Christmas.

Woman and lots of fabric
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I enjoyed making quilts for her

It was fun to make quilts for her. Over the years, I made many for her. Here are a few:

Scrap Triangle
Scrap Triangle – including some of the funky fabrics she gave me

I miss my mom-in-law:

I have wonderful memories of her and already miss her a lot.

If you have an encourager or cheerleader in your life – please stop what you are doing. Let that person know how much he/she means to you.

Please enjoy your quilts, and the journey as you make them.

Take time to make quilts for the special people in your life. Yes, it means giving a part of yourself – but those relationships are so worth it for you and those special people.

Source: Bing clip art


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