Do you ever wonder what other quilters are doing? Curiosity wins out sometimes. Reading quilt blogs is one of those quilt related activities that can be entertaining, inspiring, and educational.

I have a long list of other quilting blogs that I enjoy checking on periodically. This past week has been one of those “sometimes”. I am not much for social media, but I enjoy reading blogs. Or maybe curious is a better way to describe it.

What other quilters are doing – Bonnie Hunter

What other quilters are doing
Source: Home page of Quiltville

This creative lady has so many quilt things going on. She must be super organized.

Bonnie has already put out the colors for the new mystery quilt with the directions to follow on 11/25.

I love to look thru the different sections on this blog and come away with a new idea. Or feel like I have been to a mini quilt show.

Relax and enjoy.


What other quilters are doing – Red Pepper Quilts

Homepage of Red Pepper Quilts

Every time I see Rita’s quilts, they make me smile. There is something really cheering and colorful about her quilts.

She has not updated the blog in a few months but there is still lots to see. She seems to really like novelty prints and hexies. A happy site to visit and enjoy.

I have bags of scrap hexies cut and I get more ideas than I will ever use here.


What other quilters are doing – Prairie Moon Quilts

This is a fun quilt blog. Lots of ideas. Plus, happy or silly things like comments by her cowboy husband, and the ranch animals. Oh, and don’t forget the cooking stuff.

Shelly seems to be always coming up with some new pattern or idea.

Another thing is that she inspires me to keep my quilting stuff organized. She has ongoing challenges for organization (and all of us can use help with this).

Check Shelly out, there is always something going on at “the ranch”.


What other quilters are doing – Minick & Simpson

Homepage of Minick & Simpson

I love red, white, and blue. Many of their quilts are those colors. Several are what I consider patriotic. There seems to always be a new pattern or fabric available here. Applique and piecing go hand in hand for many of their patterns.

I think my current favorite is Hartfield, but that could easily change (and probably will) the next time I visit.

If you are looking for unusual patterns or fabrics with that old timey feel check Laurie and Polly’s site.


What other quilters are doing – Quilty Folk

Homepage of Quilty Folk

Audrey has a lot going on in her quilt world. She leans toward applique and using perle cotton embroidery floss to quilt with. Tons and tons of ideas.

There are some super easy tutorials on measuring properly, hand quilting, and applique. This blog is a great resource for ideas, enjoyment, and education.

Take time to visit and enjoy.


What other quilters are doing – Sunshine and Shadow

Quilting is not just an American handcraft. This blog is from Holland. The ideas are the same but very different than what we consider “American” quilting. Floor brings a real freshness to my blog reading and I truly appreciate her sharing quilting and culture with the rest of us.

Looking for something new to see in the quilting world then check out Floor’s blog. There is a translation tool if you want to read. Or if you are just wanting to see her life and quilts, there are a ton of pictures.

Explore and enjoy.


Truthfully, I have been exhausted the last week or two. Yes, I have sewn some – mostly hand binding of otherwise completed quilts. I just wanted to see what other quilters were doing. It has been fun and inspiring to read these blogs and enjoy the photos. I come away with more ideas – something I probably don’t really need.

I am hoping you enjoy one or more of these blogs. Happy Quilting.

Make today amazing.
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  1. It is always fun to see what other quilters are doing, thank you for writing this post. You blog is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your quilting passion.

    1. Thank you for reading my quilt blog. My goal is to be an inspiration and encouragement to other quilters.

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