Wishing I Was Fishing
Finished quilt 1993

This quilt was made by me many years ago with much love for the recipient. My (step)dad was an avid fisherman, and we ate many wonderful trout and salmon meals over the years he was alive. Wishing I was Fishing describes this hard-working man’s hobby.

The original post on my old blog gave the most basic of info on the quilt for this wonderful man.

The back story:

This widower came into our lives at church. He was a quiet observant man who over the years reminded me more and more of my wonderful grandfather. His one child was grown and there were 3 grandchildren. I was just barely an adult, and my siblings were younger.

My parents had just gone through a very difficult divorce, and it was with great relief that I would not see my father again for at least 10 years.

R. quietly courted my mom for several months. We enjoyed his quiet wisdom, his attention, and yes, the fish he would bring and cook. They were delicious. Eventually, he privately asked each of us siblings to marry our mom – we all agreed.

Fish cheater block

R. and mom married and settled into 12 happy years together before he died of heart problems in 1996. My siblings were so blessed to have this man as “dad” for those years. We remember him with much love and respect.

Wishing I Was Fishing:

I found and purchased these fish cheater blocks, and then set them aside until 1993. It was pieced with a small print on a blue background fabric and the cheater blocks. Two of the borders were a dark brown print, with a fishing print as the two other borders.

The finished size is 64″ wide x 76″ long.

Fish block and fishing border

It was machine quilted by BE in 1993 and given to R. that year for Christmas. He raved over how wonderful it was. Sometimes it was on their bed. Other times it was in his recliner for those Sunday afternoon naps.

It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that he really loved it. And in fairness, he enjoyed my quilts and was a huge encourager to me to follow my heart on the quilts I wanted to make.

Wishing I Was Fishing

R. died suddenly in the spring of 1996. His death was traumatic for our family. And I believe my mom mourned him until she died in 2016. As siblings, we still miss this wonderful man who was a huge part of our lives.

As the funeral arrangements were being made, mom asked me what I thought about burying this quilt with him. I was for it, but the decision was her’s to make. We never discussed it again and I thought she must have put it in the coffin with him.

After mom died, all her possessions had to be gone through and decisions made about what happened to them. Imagine my surprise to find this quilt in with her bedding!

My sister said at the last moment mom could not put it in the coffin. She kept it because when it was wrapped around her, she felt R. was hugging her. My sister had no idea that I did not know. I am glad it brought mom comfort all those years.

My point is:

As quilters we make quilts for so many reasons and probably for so many people. Some of them mean more to the recipients than we know. They become precious possessions to individuals. They bring comfort in ways we never think of.

Make those quilts for others. Freely give them away expecting nothing in return. We encourage and help those in our small part of the world by being kind. Giving others hugs, smiles, and encouragement means so much – quilts can be like hugs too.

To quote Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Wishing I was fishing
Photo taken 09/09/2023

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Quilt #125

2 thoughts on “WISHING I WAS FISHING

  1. Oh, this makes me cry, Dad loved that quilt. We were truly blessed to have him in our lives. I am so happy that you have the quilt now, maybe you can feel Dad’s hug?

    1. Hey sis,

      Dad was wonderful and I miss him alot. I know you do too. Yes, this quilt is full of hugs from him. He was a precious man and I am so glad he was part of our lives. Cherish the memories. Love you.

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